What I do

Here you can see my Professional history. View my resume, a detailed explanation of my work history and experience, and also view some examples of some of my work.


What I like

This section is dedicated to all the items I've amassed while hoarding. You can see my collection of comic books, My assorted Funco Pop! vinyls, all my steins, shot glasses and other drinking paraphernalia, and all the movies I currently own.


Who I'm related to

A place for those unfortunate enough to be related to me either by blood or through marriage to view a virtual phonebook of relatives, as well as update each other on upcoming events. You must be registered and approved by me before you can log in.


What I write about

Here's where you can follow my madness as I pontificate away about any topic that interests me at the moment. Now when you're friends talk about their favorite blogs, you can lie, say you like mine, and tell them to visit it here.

Who I am

Richard W Kraemer


I am but a simple man, with a simple webpage, traveling along with all of you on this third rock from the sun.

What I Do

Things I'm good at

  • Being a father, husband, and son
  • Collecting things
  • Making webpages no one reads
  • Showing up late
  • Taking blame

What People Are Saying

Fake quotes form real people

  • "He's perfect!"

    My mom
  • "The definition of sexy..."

    Women with good taste
  • "He can't spell and his grammar is horrible!"

    Everyone who reads what I write